The Holden Center staff is available to facilitate a variety of leadership development workshops for your group or organization. If you are interested in a workshop not listed below, please let us know. We are constantly developing new workshops, and will do what we can to accommodate requests. Please request workshops at least two weeks in advance. All workshops below are facilitated free of change.

Due to the precautions being taken by the University of Oregon to prevent the spread of COVID-19, we will be offering all workshops virtually via Zoom until further notice.

Please fill out the Qualtrics form below to make your request. The confirmation email you receive will have instructions on how we can work best with your organization to facilitate the workshop remotely.

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Our Workshops:

Balancing Life and Leadership (50 minutes)

An essential part of effective leadership is prioritizing your well-being. In this discussion-based workshop we will examine misconceptions around self-care, why self-care is so important, and how we can incorporate it into our daily lives. As the workshop draws to a close, each participant will identify small changes they can make that will making a lasting impact on their wellbeing.

Conflict Resolution (90 minutes)

Whenever we are working with others, conflict resolution skills are essential to manage and resolve conflict in healthy and effective ways. In this workshop participants will identify their preferred conflict resolution style, as well as learn to identify and respond to various types of conflict.

Discovering Your Leadership Style (50 minutes)

We kick off this workshop by working with participants to identify their unique leadership style and strengths. Then, we will explore how everyone can utilize their leadership style to maximize results, collaborate with others, and building lasting relationships.

Exploring Your Personal Values (50 minutes)

In this workshop participants will look at various aspect of their lives to identify their top guiding values. Using our values, we will then look to understand all the ways they influence our day-to-day lives, such as our goals, habits, and frustrations. Participants will leave this workshop connected, empowered, and inspired. 

Facilitation Skills (50–90 minutes)

This workshop is designed to help individuals maximize their effectiveness as a facilitator. Utilizing activities and discussion participants will understand their strengths as a facilitator, as well as discover potential areas for improvement.

How to Facilitate on Zoom (60–90 minutes)

This workshop covers the basics on how to facilitate groups on Zoom. The first part of the workshop covers the logistics of hosting a meeting on Zoom, such as creating new meetings, screen share options, managing breakout rooms, privacy/security, and more. The second part of the workshop (optional) shares tips and tricks on how to make your Zoom meetings productive, interactive, and engaging. The duration of the workshop will depend both on the size of your group and if you would like us to include the second portion of the workshop.

Imposter Syndrome (50 minutes)

Regardless of who we are, imposter syndrome shows up in our lives in one way or another. This workshop aims to help participants understand what imposter syndrome is, the impacts it has on our leadership, and how we can overcome it.

Inclusive Leadership (60–120 minutes)

This workshop explores what privilege is at its roots, and brings understanding to how privilege can sway your perspective in life. This workshop also tackles unconscious bias and looks at the multitudes of forms it comes in.

Intersection of Identity and Leadership (50 minutes)

How does one’s identity factor into the way we serve and lead others? This workshop was created to facilitate conversations on how our identities can empower and inspire us as leaders, and how we can use our identities to overcome obstacles.  

Leadership Fundamentals (50–90 minutes)

This engaging and thought-provoking workshop will encourage participants to look at leadership in a new way by exploring the following questions: What are common misunderstandings about leadership? What is imposer syndrome and how can we overcome it? and How can we show up as leaders in our day-to-day lives?

Leading in a Society of Privilege and Oppression (2 hours)

Description coming soon.

Leading Your Peers (50 minutes)

This workshop will address the dynamics and challenges that can arise when in a leadership position among your peers: How can you balance friendship while in your role? How can you enroll your peers in getting things done and following protocol? And what is there to do when you have competing interests when in a leadership role?

Project Management (30 minutes–4 hours)

Regardless of the scope of your project, this workshop will help you understand what needs to be done, when it needs to be done by, and how you can make it happen! We are happy to help share the project management framework (30–60 minutes), or work with you to map out your project plan (1–4 hours). Note: This project is most effective when you have a particular project(s) in mind.

Public Speaking (50 minutes)

This workshop offers a series of activities designed to establish your comfort speaking in front of a group, introduces new body tactics, and discusses how to maximize the effectiveness of your speaking.

Queer Leadership (50 minutes)

This workshop examines how intersectional identities, specifically LGBTQ+ identities, can impact our ability to participate in leadership. Participants will discuss and learn about Queer folx involvement and the role they can personally play in leadership, as well as address some preconceptions of leadership.

Radical Empowerment (50 minutes)

This unique and impactful workshop explores techniques to empower ourselves and others to reach our maximum potential. Participants will leave this workshop with tangible techniques to boost community, connection, and effectiveness.

Taking a Critical Lens to Service (50 minutes)

Description coming soon.

Team Building (30–90 minutes)

This workshop aspires to connect and empower groups to produce incredible results! Our workshop team is happy to facilitate team-building activities for your group, or meet with you to share a plethora of activities your group can use for months to come.

What Does Leadership Mean to You? (50 minutes)

Description coming soon.

Women in Leadership (60–90 minutes)

Description coming soon.

If you would like to request a workshop that is not listed, make modifications to an existing workshop, or for more information, please reach out to us at