Personal Development Coaching

Welcome to the Personal Development Coaching Program!

The Holden Center offers one-on-one peer coaching on a wide variety of topics related to personal development. During your session you will spend approximately one hour taking a deep dive into a topic of your choosing. Through our highly reflective and personalized coaching program you will expand your perspective, learn new skills, and identify tangible action steps.

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Sessions can be held both remotely and in person. Coaching can also be offered to small groups of four or less. For groups larger than four, please consider one of our leadership workshops.

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Coaching Topics

Balancing Life and Leadership

An essential part being an engaged student is prioritizing your well-being. This coaching session allows you to take a deep dive into understanding how you can manage your wellness while balancing all your responsibilities.

Great for anyone...

  • Comfortable with conversations related to self-care and goal setting
  • Who is busy and/or has a lot of responsibilities, such as academics, clubs, personal projects, employment, etc.

Discovering Your Leadership Style

In this coaching session you will identify your unique leadership style and strengths. Then you will explore how you can utilize your style to better collaborate with team members, maximize results, and building lasting professional relationships.

Great for anyone…

  • Searching for an introductory leadership coaching session
  • Who is an officer or member of a student club or organization 
  • Who wants to learn how they can best utilize their strengths to support others

Facilitation Skills 

This coaching session is designed to help individuals maximize their effectiveness as a facilitator; including both intentional planning and successful execution. Through guided activities and discussion, participants will gain a better understanding of their strengths as a facilitator as well as discover potential areas for improvement.

Great for anyone… 

  • With any level of facilitation experience
  • Responsible for planning and executing meetings, discussions, or events
  • Wanting to improve the effectiveness of their meetings

Identifying and Exploring Your Personal Values

This coaching session will give you insight into your core values while teaching skills that will allow you to live and lead in accordance with your values. You will explore how your identity influences your values and how you can work well with others who hold different values.

Great for anyone… 

  • With any level of leadership experience
  • Interested in learning how to be a more empathetic and inclusive leader
  • Wanting to understand how their values show up in their roles and daily lives

Identifying and Overcoming Imposter Feelings

In this popular coaching session you will discover what imposter feelings are and how they show up in your day-to-day activities. You will take a quick assessment to learn about your unique “imposter type” to better understand when and how you experience imposter feelings and how they impact you as a leader. Next, you will discuss the interconnectedness of identities, environment, and imposterism. Lastly, you will engage in discussion to create strategies that allow you to manage your imposter feelings.

Great for anyone…  

  • Who finds leadership intimidating, or is hesitant to self-identify as a leader
  • Desiring to boost confidence and effectiveness
  • Comfortable engaging in a vulnerable and productive discussion surrounding imposter feelings and overcoming those feelings

Intersection of Identity and Leadership

This coaching session allows you to examine how your leadership is influenced and impacted by the identities most important to you; and how you can use your identity to inspire and empower your leadership. 

Great for anyone...

  • Interested in gaining deeper understanding on how their intersecting identities influence their leadership approach
  • With any level of leadership experience
  • Wanting to celebrate their identities and leave feeling empowered to create change

Introduction to Inclusive Leadership Practices

This session will cover the most important elements of creating inclusive and welcoming spaces. In additional to participating in some self-reflection activities, you will also learn proactive and reactive strategies for becoming a more inclusive leader.

Great for anyone…

  • With beginner or intermediate levels of experience participating in identity-based discussions
  • Wanting to prioritize inclusivity and cultural competency

Leadership and You

In this session is designed to help you  will reflect upon your identity as a leader, as well as your values and passions to identify your own leadership intention and inspiration. This session helps make the jump between leadership as a theory to leadership as a practice. 

Great for anyone… 

  • Wanting to become a more effective leader 
  • Wanting to understand how their leadership philosophy guides and influences them in their leadership role

Leading Your Peers: Balancing Friendship and Responsibilities

This coaching session is designed for students who currently hold or will hold leadership positions that oversee their peers – including in work, academic, and co-curricular environments. During your coaching session you will be given suggestions on how to navigate your leadership role while maintaining professional and personal relationships. 

Great for anyone… 

  • Wanting to elevate their performance within a leadership role or prepare for an upcoming leadership role
  • Currently overseeing peers or will oversee peers in the future
  • Interested in balancing personal and professional relationships within a leadership context 

Project Management: Creating a Project Plan

This consultation-oriented session is for folks who already have a project in mind. We will walk you through our project management framework, and you will leave the session with a plan of what needs to be done, when it needs to be done by, and how you can make it happen!

Great for anyone … 

  • Working on a large project, who wants support creating a detailed action plan of how to make the project a success

Project Management: Strategies for Successful Team Projects

This session is designed for individuals who would like to learn general strategies for working effectively on group projects, including reflecting on their own strengths and areas where support is needed.

Great for anyone … 

  • Working collaboratively or individually on a project 
  • Wanting to reflect on their strengths and areas of growth while working on project

Public Speaking: Increasing Your Confidence and Effectiveness

Although many may find it intimidating, public speaking is an important leadership skill! Participants will learn the most common mistakes made while public speaking as well as strategies for addressing them. In the second half, participants will identify their biggest area of growth and participate in an activity intentionally designed to practice developing that skill.

Great for anyone...

  • Wanting to increase their effectiveness and comfortability when speaking
  • Looking for ways to be an influential and motivational speaker when providing important messages  

Strategies for Collaborative Conflict Resolution

We acknowledge that in any group setting conflict will at some point arise, so it is essential to know how to manage and resolve conflict in healthy and constructive ways. In this coaching session, you will identify your personal conflict resolution style, be introduced to strategies for turning unhealthy conflict into healthy conflict, and learn how to respond to various situations of conflict.

Great for anyone… 

  • With any level leadership experience
  • Regularly working with others to solve problems and/or wanting to strengthen their problem-solving skills
  • Wanting to develop their conflict resolution skills in a safe and supported space

Recruitment and Retention: How to Build an Organization

Recruitment and retention within an organization is essential to the posterity of the group. In this coaching session, you will learn how group values and shared visions create opportunities for engagement within an organization. You with learn how to pitch your organization to interested prospective members, how to inspire and motivate current members, and how to build a sustainable organization using intrapersonal communication strategies. 

Great for anyone...

  • Wishing to grow their organization
  • Interested in gaining new perspectives on team building and group morale
  • Newly appointed to a formal position in a student club/organization

Unconscious Bias in Leadership 

This session covers how unconscious bias is relevant in your personal and professional life. You will learn what unconscious bias is and how it works, why it is important to recognize, and how to work against it.

Great for anyone…

  • Wanting to prioritize justice, equity, and inclusion
  • Willing to critically reflect on the biases they hold, and how they impact the people around them

Is there another leadership topic you would like delivered as a coaching session? Let us know by emailing us at