Be the Difference

When you hear the word "leader," what do you think of? Typically, being a leader is synonymous with being in the front of the team or being the voice to which everyone is listening. But more often, being a leader means working in the background or making change through your own effort. Being a leader means that you serve others—and service comes in a lot of forms. It could be a weekend project, or it could be traveling to another country. Service looks different from leader to leader. Find service that is meaningful to you. No matter what that looks like, we have an opportunity for you.

Join the Ducks Who Serve

Service opportunities surround us every day. Helping clean up our community. Lending your hand at a local clinic. Holding open a door. These are all ways that people serve others every day. For Ducks, those just aren't enough. That's where Duck Corps comes in. The Duck Corps teams participate in ongoing service projects in the communities that surround our campus. These are not one-stop-shop service opportunities. They are your chance to make a lasting impact by developing relationships through service.

Duck Corps

Making Change Together

Sometimes being a leader means that you don't have as much time to serve as you would like. Your schedule is packed and you have priorities to get done. It can be easy to let service fall to the end of the list. But our flock knows how important service is and sets aside three days—Fall Day of Service, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, and Earth Day—to focus on serving our communities. On these days we grab our tools, go out into the community, and make change together.

Days of Service

Create Your Own Service Program

For those leaders among you who would rather start your own program, we have the resources to make your service vision a reality. The service grant, made possible through the Kilkenny Service and Leadership Fund, provides up to $1,000 to a student or student organization to design, implement, and assess a service program to engage and positively impact our community.

Service Grants

Leadership and Service Advising

Want to hone your leadership skills? Are you having a hard time getting students engaged in your organization? Want to get involved in our community and don’t know where to start? We are here to help! Bring any leadership or service questions you have to our weekly advising hours. Meet 1:1 with a professional staff member to ask questions, get resources, and learn about opportunities.

Schedule a time to meet virtually or in person by emailing