Can you learn how to change the world in six days? Whether you are just starting, or have already begun your leadership journey, the LeaderShape® Institute can help you realize your potential. This impactful six-day, 12-hour-a-day experience challenges you to take risks, discover hidden talents, develop lifelong leadership skills, and create a powerful vision for yourself and your community. Our objective is to help each participant identify something they are passionate about and create an action plan to help share that idea with friends, campus, the community, and the world. LeaderShape® Institute provides participants with the tools to effectively implement these visions once they return to campus. The only requirement to attend is a desire to improve your leadership capacity. Immerse yourself in self-discovery, community building, and new possibilities.

Registration Coming Soon

  • 2019 Institute is scheduled for September 15-20.
  • Location: TBD
  • Only 60 spots available and open to any UO student.
  • There is no cost to participate. All confirmed participants will receive full scholarships to attend. Transportation, meals, lodging, and all materials are provided.

Information Session

There will be two information sessions. Come learn how this institute has shaped opportunities for past participants and discuss your questions.

  • Tuesday, May 14, 1:00 p.m. in EMU 119
  • Wednesday, May 15, 1:00 p.m. in EMU 119

Who is the Institute For?

The curriculum was created for individuals who are committed to taking their leadership skills to the next level and want to make a significant impact on campus, in their communities, and in the world. The UO has been hosting the Institute since 2007, culminating in over 400 graduates committed to living and leading with integrity.

How Is the Institute Different from Other Conference and Programs?

Everyone who attends the Institute engages in the same activities and contributes to the same conversations. While the involvement of the individual is honored and expected, everything during the Institute is approached with a sense of community. Everyone is viewed as a learner and as a teacher. This belief is evident as the community is created through the contributions of everyone at the Institute, with time spent in meaningful conversation serving as its foundation.  Unlike conferences, participants don’t only leave the six days with a few tips and ideas, but rather graduates of the Institute experience a breakthrough in their leadership capacity.

How Will We Spend Our Time During the Institute?

Everything in the curriculum is anchored to four themes: community, inclusivity, integrity, and vision. Therefore the work we do during the six days is tied to these concepts.  We participate in large group activities, in small group exercises, in conversations with one another, and in personal reflection. We set out to discover our most deeply held values and greatest passions and how they can come together to give our lives and work purpose. We learn how developing a vision and plan of action can create lasting change. We reflect on how our personal styles and life experiences influence our leadership and our relationships. Those who graduate from the Institute leave as an agent of positive change in the world.

Why Six Days?

Six days is a lot of time to give—and we ask that time of participants because we see such value in the extended time together. Six days allows us to remove ourselves from the day-to-day demands of life and focus more intently on discovering who we want to be. It gives us the chance to move beyond the masks of our composure and embrace the opportunity to share our authentic selves. Six days for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Six days to make the experience your own.

The Week in Review

DAY ONE: Building Community. You will explore what leadership means by unconvering both myths and truths. You will begin connecting with the other participants in the “Learning Community” and meet others in your small group “Family Cluster."

DAY TWO: The Value of One, the Power of All. You will begin the second day on the Team Challenge Course (outdoor activities and exercises). By working your way through a series of initiatives and discussions, you will discover how teamwork, trust, and problem solving can be enhanced in a supportive group setting.  Later, you will also participate in exercises which reinforce the concepts of emotional intelligence, inclusive leadership, and creating communities.

DAY THREE: Challenging What Is, Looking to What Could Be. During this day, you will begin work on defining and refining your own Breakthrough Blueprint—a tangible and transformational change for your organization, group, cause, or community back home. You will spend much of the afternoon in interactive settings dealing with chaos and change. The evening will conclude with a Guest Leader Forum and Reception. This is your opportunity to interact with leaders in business, education, and other professions.

DAY FOUR: Bringing Vision to Reality. A vision is only a dream unless it results in action. Key requirements will be discussed (relationships, goals, action steps) which move a vision forward. In addition, the issue of power will be explored in a dynamic group simulation activity.

DAY FIVE: Living and Leading with Integrity. The concept of “integrity” is a challenging one, but central to the LeaderShape® Institute's philosophy of lifelong leadership development. You will discuss how core ethical values, thoughtful decisions, and courage all play critical roles in sustaining integrity and fostering trust and respect. During the afternoon and evening, time will be set aside for more in depth conversations, relaxation, and preparation for a creative Family Cluster skit.

DAY SIX: Staying in Action. On the final day, you will prepare to return to campus and face your responsibilities as a LeaderShape® Institute graduate who practices the discipline of “leading with integrity”. You will learn what it means to be a part of an international LeaderShape® community—a network of mutual encouragement and support. A Learning Community commencement ceremony concludes the week.