Voter Registration

Have you moved recently? Not sure where you’re registered to vote? Maybe it’s your first time?

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Living on campus? Make sure you are using your correct mailbox number from My Housing.

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Living in Oregon but voting elsewhere? Request an absentee ballot!

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For more info about voting in Oregon and other states while you’re at the UO, and other frequently asked questions, check out the resources from UO Government and Community Relations.

More Information for Student Voters

Registered to vote in Oregon? 

  • The next Oregon statewide election is the May 21, 2024, Primary Election.
  • The next Oregon general elections will be held on Tuesday, November 4, 2024.

Common Questions about Voting

How do I vote in Oregon?

The vote-by-mail ballot return envelope can be stamped and mailed, or dropped off at any official drop box​ across the state. An official ballot box is located outside the EMU next to the Holden Center.

I live in a different county within Oregon. Can I put my ballot in this ballot box? 

Yes. Any Oregon ballot can be placed within the ballot box at the EMU. 

I am voting in a different state. Can I put my ballot in the EMU ballot box?  

No. Only Oregon ballots can be put in that ballot box. Other states’ ballots should be dropped off in the mail.

How do I get my ballot? 

If you are an Oregon resident, ballots are sent to the address at which you registered (unless you input a different address for mailing).

If you are not an Oregon resident, you will have to request an absentee ballot by mail. Contact your state’s election office to request an absentee ballot or visit

I need to get my ballot notarized. Where can I do that?  

The ASUO Student Legal Services (third floor of the EMU) has a free public notary for students. Call 541-346-4273 to make an appointment. You must bring your ID.

I just moved to Oregon. How do I vote here?  

Your voter registration has to be switched to Oregon. If you do not have an Oregon driver license, you must fill out a voter registration card to get a signature on file. The ASUO office (ground floor of the EMU) has these cards available.  

I am registered to vote in Oregon, but I want to change my address to vote in Eugene. How do I do this?

You can update your Oregon voter registration on the Oregon Secretary of State website.