Everyone has different strengths, talents, and leadership styles. StrengthsQuest can help you discover and maximize your innate talents to achieve success, improve your leadership skills, empower yourself and others, and make powerful, positive contributions that can drive positive outcomes. By participating in the Clifton StrengthsQuest online, 30-minute assessment, you will learn what your top five talents are, and receive a customized report with information to help guide you in how to use your talents most effectively.

Individual Strengths Consultation

After you have explored your top five strengths and talents, our leadership staff can provide you with an individual strengths consultation. An individual strengths consultation can help you

  • develop your leadership capacity;
  • gain self-awareness and self-understanding;
  • increase your relational effectiveness;
  • increase your organizational effectiveness;
  • adopt a strengths-based perspective and outlook to your academics, career, and relationships;
  • learn your individual talents and strengths, with corresponding insights, applications, and action items; and
  • understand the potential shadow sides of your strengths.

Organizational Strengths Workshop

Your student group or organization is at its best if its members build off of and encourage each other’s strengths. A StrengthsQuest workshop can help your group become a stronger, more dynamic, and inclusive team that values each member’s strengths and talents. Our leadership staff can work with you to host a StrengthsQuest workshop for your student group or organization, which can help your group

  • learn to develop relationships amongst your team;
  • learn what natural talents and strengths each team member brings to the group, and how to capitalize on those contributions;
  • understand how your individual strengths benefit the team;
  • understand what potential shadow sides relate to your role on the team;
  • brainstorm strategies your team can use to work well together; and
  • redefine what success looks like for your team.

Prior to the workshop, each group member will need to complete a StrengthsQuest assessment, the results of which the staff facilitators will use to compile an organizational “map” of the group’s talents. Please contact us two to three weeks before the session date so that we can help plan your session and provide you with instructions and steps you need to take prior to your workshop.