Funding Guidelines:

Funding is intended to directly support student-led service projects designed in collaboration with organizations. Any item purchased must be directly used or consumed during the outlined project. Items cannot be purchased as donations to organizations. Awarded funds may only be applied to the event and activity described in the proposal. If your proposed budget includes items not clearly designated in the list of what items are permissible, please consult with the Holden Center prior to submitting your proposal.

Grant Funds CAN support:    

  • Printing, copying, or postage for materials directly used in the project          
  • Space or facility rental    
  • Materials or supplies used in the project    
  • Vehicle leasing           
  • Catering or food directly involved in project goals              

Grant Funds CANNOT support:

  • Catering or food for participant or applicant team’s consumption
  • Equipment or items purchased to donate to an organization
  • Technology or other electronic equipment
  • Personnel, employment, or payment for professional services
  • Monetary prizes
  • T-shirts or other apparel
  • Fundraisers or direct donations
  • Plane fares
  • Conference expenses
  • Expenses incurred prior to award date
  • Transportation, food, materials, or any other services or material benefits for UO faculty or staff

Ethics and Conflict of Interest:

We cannot approve any grant that includes a potential violation of the UO Code of Ethics, the UO Procurement and Contracting Code of Ethics, or any university policy.  This includes conflict of interest cases. Examples of conflict of interest would include:

  • If a grant recipient or their romantic partner, close friend, or family is employed by or on the board of the partner organization
  • If a person uses grant funds to make purchases from a company that employs or is owned by a romantic partner, close friend, or family member
  • If grant funds were used to directly or indirectly benefit a University of Oregon department, sponsored program, or faculty or staff members.

If you would like to apply for a grant for a project that you are concerned may include a conflict of interest, please reach out for us and we can help suggest alternatives.