Opportunities to Serve

Easily search for service opportunities and community partners through our portal. We strive to make a lasting impact on our community by partnering with a variety of organizations throughout Lane County. Access these partnerships and find your next service opportunity here.

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How to Use the Portal

Community partners will post service opportunities as they become available. Once you log in to Engage, navigate to the “Service” tab across the menu bar at the top. Once there, you’re able to search service opportunities based on date, causes, skills, and types.

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Service Tracking in Impact Summary

Engage enables you to track service hours and other forms of service like donations, books collected, etc. Engage tracks all forms of service and provides an impact summary, similar to a service transcript. You may use your impact summary to apply to internships, jobs, or other programs before and after graduation.

How To Request an Impact Summary

To access the impact summary, you must first have verified impacts. When you have verified impacts, go to “My Activity” on the top of the screen and click “Impacts.” On the right of your screen, you can then click “Print Summary.”

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