Earth Day of Service 2023

Volunteers work in a greenhouse for Earth Day of Service

April 22, 2023: Grow Resilience 

This Earth Day, 38 participants went out into our community to serve. Dispersed among seven different community partners, volunteers got in touch with the Earth and their emotions about climate change!  

We began the day discussing the intersection of climate change and mental health, exploring the emotional aspects of environmentalism through an artistic and reflective educational activity.

From there, we traveled to our community partners to serve and apply what we just learned about community care and climate resilience.

Some went to Everyone Village, where volunteers prepared a community garden. It was a garden-filled day, where some other volunteers pitched in at Food for Lane County’s Grassroots Garden and Youth Farm.

Others went and hugged some trees by maintaining nurseries and trails with Friends of Buford Park, Mount Pisgah, and Friends of Hendrick’s Park. Elsewhere, participants worked with the Eugene Public Library to organize their seed library, while others partnered with Free Bikes 4 Kidz and learned how to repair flat tires!  

The day planted the seeds of change, but don’t just hear it from us. Here are some testimonies from those who served: 

“This experience has made volunteering less intimidating and made me want to be more involved.” — Participant who served at Hendrick’s Park 

“Talking about eco-anxiety, hope, and community reminds me of ways to stay active and involved in helping our climate future.” — Participant who served at Grassroots Garden 

“This program allowed me to see the change being done, as well as needed. I gained knowledge of sustainable farming/living!” — Participant who served at Everyone Village