Activity Volunteer

Focus Area: Seniors

Position Description: Lead or present an activity to a group of senior citizen residents. This may include anything relating to a volunteer’s interest: travel photos, playing an instrument, a collection, games, crafts, a themed party, or a sing-a-long. We invite creativity! Alternatively, it may also involve visiting one-on-one with residents if you desire.

Position Duration: 1-4 Hours

Transportation Access: Accessible by public transportation

Restriction(s) Details: Leading an activity does not require a background check. However, one-on-one visits in residents’ rooms do require a background check. This opportunity is very flexible. A volunteer may come just one time, or may come on a regular basis (once a month, once a week, or any other interval)—it is up to you! The sky is the limit in terms of what you may come to share with our residents—they enjoy having fun and seeing new faces! This is a real opportunity to brighten someone’s day.

Background Check Required: No

Location: Single Location

Address: 1735 Adkins StreetEugene, OR 97401United States

How to Apply: Reach out to Hope Lane by the phone or e-mail.