Rian Satterwhite

Rian serves as director of the Holden Center and has worked at the University of Oregon since 2013. He is responsible for the administration and success of the Holden Center, while also serving to help advance core initiatives within the Division of Student Life, including assessment and multicultural organizational development. He believes that leadership and community engagement are essential aspects to a quality higher education experience, and is particularly interested in how leadership theory and practice can learn from natural systems and principles. He holds an MEd in educational leadership from the University of Wollongong (2007) and a BA of interdisciplinary studies from the University of Arizona (2004). When he is not loving his life at Holden, he is spending quality time with his young family, riding his bike, marveling at the world through a camera lens, or diving into a new book.


Christopher Ruiz de Esparza
Associate Director

Chris serves as the associate director for the Holden Center, originally joining the office in 2011. He has worked at the University of Oregon since 2006—initially as a senior staff therapist at the University Counseling & Testing Center, then as a staff-in-residence for the Center on Diversity and Community. Chris facilitates coordination of the LeaderShape® Institute, Catalyst, and our Strengths-based Leadership programming. He infuses principles of improvisation into curricular objectives and facilitates workshops and trainings both across campus and around the country on adaptability, ambiguity, change, creativity, followership, group development, and power and status. Chris grounds his work in experience with leadership development, group facilitation, diversity and inclusion, and applied psychology. Chris attended Stanford University for his bachelor's degree in psychology and University of California-Santa Barbara for his master's and doctoral work in counseling psychology. Chris enjoys running on the riverside paths here in Eugene, eating lots of Mexican food, and participating in the world’s largest treasure hunt (geocaching).


Corin Bauman
Assistant Director, Community Engagement

Corin serves as the assistant director for community engagement and has worked at the University of Oregon since 2014. She is responsible for the administration and facilitation of local community engagement experiences, including Days of Service and the Duck Corps program. She believes in the collective power and strength inherent in connected and committed communities to create just, equitable, and sustainable change. Corin holds an MA in educational leadership and policy: leadership for sustainability education, a graduate certificate in service-learning and community-based learning from Portland State University (2013), and a BS in biology (2009) from the University of Portland. Outside of community engagement, Corin enjoys being inspired through her time spent exploring nature, reading anything that sparks her interest, and cooking and sharing meals with her loved ones.


Liz McLeron
Office Coordinator

Liz serves as office coordinator in the Holden Center. She is a University of Oregon graduate, holding a bachelor of science in general social studies, with a focus in business and economics as well as a BS in art. Uniting creativity, productivity, and efficiency in the workplace is a key objective for Liz, motivating her to rethink and restructure systems to meet all three conditions. Working since she was 14, Liz excels in organization, coordination, and versatility. She strives to bring fresh vigor and imagination into the Holden Center in order to support its mission of creating transformational learning experiences. Outside of work, Liz’s passion is art and she can often be found in her studio. She works with oil, acrylic, or watercolor paints, colored pencils, graphite, ink, multimedia, sculpture, or some combination thereof—there is no medium with which Liz won’t experiment.