Bus Rider

Focus Area: Youth and Families

Position Description: To assist the bus driver with transporting the children safely to and from the Relief Nursery. Children range in ages from six weeks old to six years old. SPECIFIC DUTIES: Attend orientation and training(s) as scheduled. Arrive on time for scheduled shifts, sign time card, and pick-up name tag at front desk. Assist the bus driver in seating and offering toys to the children. Assist in buckling children into their seats. Participate actively with children by using tapes, books, and songs to keep ride fun. Assist bus driver in setting limits for children. Encourage independence and support children wishing to buckle themselves. Be supportive of children identifying and expressing feelings. Wear a seat belt at all times for your safety and as a role model for the children. Assist the bus driver in getting the children on and off the bus safely. Debrief with bus driver at end of the ride, if needed.

Position Duration: One term

Transportation Access: Accessible by public transportation

Restriction(s) Details: QUALIFICATIONS: Ability to maintain confidentiality. Must be 16 years of age and older (exceptions can be made by the volunteer coordinator). Ability to work at least one shift on program days. Willing to commit for three months or more. Ability to work as a member of a team. Ability to respond to directions and suggestions in a mature manner. Maintain professional appearance and attitude, appropriate to the position. Possess maturity to discuss issues that arise when working with diverse and at-risk populations. Ability to act in a way consistent with a belief system that values diversity among people. Be punctual and dependable.

Background Check Required: Yes

Location: Single Location

Address: 1720 West 25th AvenueEugene, OR 97405United States

How to Apply: Fill out an application online at the Relief Nursery's website.