Can I still apply for a service grant this term?

Yes! Holden Center is still accepting applications this term, until November 20, 2020.

If I have already been awarded a grant, can I still complete it this term, even though classes are remote?

Yes, students who apply for a grant and are accepted can still complete a project this term as long as it complies with their local, state, and federal regulations and guidelines related to COVID-19.

Can I apply for a service grant this term but complete it when social distancing orders are lifted?

Grants are to be completed within 12 months of the acceptance date. This means that you can apply now to secure an acceptance and complete it down the line. However, because these are uncertain times, we are able to work with each grant recipient individually to ensure your project is able to happen the way it was envisioned, even if this is past the 12-month mark. 

I am no longer in Eugene. Can I still apply for a service grant?

Given the change to remote learning, we recognize that many of our students returned home and are no longer living in Eugene. In order to continue to provide programs to all UO students and support local organizations, we are broadening what it means to be a community partner. This means we will be accepting applications where students work with their current local organizations.

If you have any other questions regarding the service grants, please reach out to Hannah at