2019 UO Leadership Summit Workshop and Presenter Information

Session 1: 11:00–11:50 a.m.

Swindells Room (EMU 230) Cedar Room (EMU 231) Spruce Room (EMU 232) Lease Crutcher Lewis Room (EMU 023) Diamond Lake Room (EMU 119)
True Grit Peer-to-Peer Prevention and Education Strategies to Promote Mental Wellness on the UO Campus Exploring Our Interpretations for Culturally-Inclusive Leadership It Wasn't Me: Accountability in Party Culture So You Want to Be You: Empowering Uniqueness within Leadership

Session 2: 1:00–1:50 p.m.

Swindells Room (EMU 230) Cedar Room (EMU 231) Spruce Room (EMU 232) Lease Crutcher Lewis Room (EMU 023) Diamond Lake Room (EMU 119)
Am I Really A Leader?: Confronting Imposter Feelings Stress Is Inevitable; Suffering is Not LGBTQ Allyship and Leadership: The Power of Pronouns Play is Fundamental to Self-Care! Build-a-Boss: Empowering the Leaders of Tomorrow

Session 3: 2:00–2:50 p.m.

Swindells Room (EMU 230) Cedar Room (EMU 231) Spruce Room (EMU 232) Lease Crutcher Lewis Room (EMU 023) Diamond Lake Room (EMU 119)
Resolutions: Not Just a New Year’s Phenomenon Changing the System: How to Be a Leader in the Climate Movement Emergent Strategy: An Introduction to Shaping Change with Passion and Purpose Righting the Ally-ship: A Critical Look at Being an Ally Mental Health in Leadership

Keynote Speaker: Jason J. Dorsette, 10:20–10:50 a.m.

Jason J. Dorsette is a native of North Carolina who now resides in Corvallis, serving as the director for Advancing Academic Equity for Student Success and as a faculty member in the College Student Service Administration graduate program at Oregon State University. His research interests include issues of access and equity in the context of higher education informed by race, gender, and the interconnectedness of other social identities. With over a decade of experience in higher education, Jason has served in leadership capacities regionally, nationally, and internationally in a number of professional associations, as well as published and contributed to several books and articles.

Workshop Descriptions, Session 1, 11:00-11:50 a.m.

True Grit

Presenters: Al Diaz, Syrina Revis, and Leila Petewon

Workshop Description: The workshop will revolve around building grit as a student and how it cannot only help you in your academic life as a student, but after you graduate. We will focus on simple and easy things to do to help build this often-forgotten skill.

Presenters Bios: Al received his bachelor’s in history from UCLA and master’s in political science from Texas State. He has worked in collegiate recreation since his undergrad days as a camp counselor. Al has overseen the facility operations and large student staffs within campus recreation departments at the University of Vermont, Texas A&M–Commerce, and now at the UO. He has also presented around the country at regional and national conferences. 

Syrina and Leila are both veterans of the Student Recreation Center at the UO and worked their way up from the weight room and equipment issue to become operation managers and student leads. Leila also recently graduated with a degree in human physiology. Both have the pleasure of working with Al on a daily basis.


So You Want to Be You: Empowering Uniqueness Within Leadership

Presenters: Jackson Smith and Maggie Thompson

Workshop Description: One of the most common misconceptions about leadership is that every leader has to be extroverted and loud; however, many successful leaders, such as Barack Obama, have introverted personalities. Where extroverted people can light up and bring together a room, introverted people can act as the backbone of any team and form lasting one-on-one connections. This workshop aims to find the unique values and skills of each attendee and empower them to use these in their day-to-day lives as leaders and people. 

Presenter Bios: Jackson Smith (he/him/his) is a junior at the UO, double majoring in psychology (focusing in political psychology) and women's, gender, and sexuality studies and minoring in ethics. He serves as the Residence Hall Association president where he acts as the voice of all 4,300 on-campus students of the UO for the University's Housing, Student Services and Enrollment Management, and Office of the President's administration. A fun fact about him is that he knows an insane amount about dinosaurs and paleontology!

Maggie Thompson (she/her/hers) a junior at the UO studying physics with a minor in Korean language, and hoping to work in science outreach (think Bill Nye or Neil DeGrasse Tyson). When she isn't hurting her neck gazing at the night sky, she spends her time working for the Residence Hall Association as their national communications coordinator (NCC). As NCC she gets to represent the UO at other universities across the west coast, sharing ideas with other NCCs and bringing them back to the UO to improve campus life. Fun fact about Maggie, and all of us, is that we are all made of elements created in stars that are then spewed out into the universe! When you look up at the sky, you are the universe observing itself!


It Wasn't Me: Accountability in Party Culture 

Presenters: Alexis Drakatos and Abby Hyland

Workshop Description: College is a time for learning, development, building relationships, having fun, and embracing campus spirit. As a leader, this can be challenging when you're navigating your own college experience while leading others through theirs. With eyes looking up to you, there can be a great deal of pressure when it comes to substance use and party culture. In this workshop, we will talk about setting realistic behavior expectations; the importance of understanding campus policies, laws, and organizational policies/missions; give tips on how to hold yourself and others accountable; and discuss the value of responding with kindness when expectations are not met.  

Presenter Bios: Alexis graduated from the UO in 2014 with her BA in psychology with a focus on substance abuse prevention. As an undergrad, she was involved in the Fraternity and Sorority Life community, served as an Ambassador and Student Orientation Staff member, and conducted research both on campus and at the Oregon Research Institute. After working for two years at Pepperdine University, she moved back to the Pacific Northwest to receive her MA in student affairs administration at Lewis and Clark College. In June of 2018 she began working at the UO as the coordinator of substance abuse prevention. A fun fact is that she have the movie stub from every movie she’s seen since she was 13! 

Abby is currently a senior at the UO and she will be graduating spring 2019 with a BS in education foundations. Abby has a passion for education and believes that the power it holds can allow us to see new perspectives. She is currently the student director for the Substance Abuse Prevention Education program and have been with the program for almost three years. In the summer of 2018, she worked in a research lab at the University of California San Francisco, where she studied the intention to quit smoking in an online smoking cessation intervention. After she graduates this spring, she will move to the Boston area to attend a program at Harvard Graduate School of Education to receive her Master’s in prevention science and practice.


Exploring our Interpretations for Culturally-Inclusive Leadership

Presenters: Sara Clark and Cassidy Kusumoto

Workshop Description: Do you work in or lead diverse teams? Do you ever feel lost on how to encourage all team members to participate? Or wonder why someone isn't doing what you think they should be? In this interactive workshop Mills International Center staff will share tools we use for reframing our experiences with students to help us move beyond our own perspectives and into a more inclusive team environment. Participants will have the opportunity to apply the proposed framework to a specific situation from their own teams. We believe you can lead from any chair; this workshop is appropriate for group leaders and team members. 

Presenter Bios: Sara Clark has supervised more than 100 student employees over the last nine years at the Mills International Center. Her formal training includes courses from the Summer Institute for Intercultural Communication and a master’s in international studies. Sara's informal training comes from living internationally, working in highly diverse teams, and constantly learning from mistakes—including in her flamenco dance class where the best compliment she has received from her teacher, Martita, is, “We might be able to turn you into a dancer one day.”

Cassidy Kusumoto is a senior at the UO studying public relations. As a student employee of the Mills International Center, she’s worked with more than 50 culturally diverse students, spreading the Mills values of promoting global and intercultural understanding. She is also the current co-director for Majesty Digital, a Eugene-based production company for women of color, where she’s worked with her team to share stories and experiences of various women over the past year. Fun fact: Cassidy can fake a sneeze really well!


Peer-to-Peer Prevention and Education Strategies to Promote Mental Wellness on the University of Oregon Campus

Presenter: Jazmin Cole

Workshop Description: In this workshop, participants will learn of the unique challenges college students face in achieving mental wellness and how peer-to-peer prevention initiatives have been an effective strategy to reduce the stigma around mental health and address the mental health and suicide concerns of college students. Participants will learn of the various techniques these individual programs have used to grow their presence on campus and how students have consistently been at the forefront of each of these programs.

Presenter Bio: Jazmin Cole is an undergraduate student at the UO studying biology and global health. She works in several capacities on campus that have the overall goal to increase accessibility of quality mental health services to college students, reduce the perceived stigma of seeking help for mental health concerns, and promote a holistic idea of wellness. Jazmin is currently the lead coordinator of the UO Student Suicide Prevention Team, a Peer Wellness Advocate, and a University Counseling Center Student Advisory Board member. This summer Jazmin will be leaving the West Coast for the first time ever, to spend eight weeks studying abroad in Ghana.


Workshop Descriptions, Session 2, 1:00-1:50 p.m.

Stress Is Inevitable; Suffering Is Not

Presenter: Ting-fen Lin

Workshop Description: When we are stressed, our intellect dulls and our decision-making as well as executive functioning skills are compromised. This is especially crucial for leaders. In this workshop we will discuss ways to strive for healthy bodies, minds, and lifestyles. We will also offer participants a taste of relaxation through light yoga postures and a guided meditation. Finally, participants will learn a breathing technique and find resources for their everyday routine to relax and recharge. 

Presenter Bio: Ting-fen Lin is a speech-language pathologist by training and currently a PhD student in the College of Education. Her research focuses on understanding swallowing disorders. Beyond school work, she is heavily involved in service leadership projects through the student club SKY@UO. The goal of the club is to promote health and wellness, spreading positivity across campus. She has practiced yoga-meditation-breathing for more than 10 years and is a certified facilitator. When she was little, she had a silkworm as pet.


Play is Fundamental to Self-Care!

Presenters: Tiffany Lundy and Katey Totten

Workshop Description: Explore the benefits and value of play to self-care. During this interactive session we will discuss the importance of play, the impacts on personal and team health, and brainstorm how you can incorporate more play into your life. 

Presenter Bios: Tiffany Lundy is an associate director in the Department of Physical Education and Recreation at the UO. She joined the university in 2005 and has held a number of positions including facilities and operations, business services, marketing and assessment, and membership services. Tiffany believes that play is the foundation of building strong, healthy communities. Her passion for working in higher education comes from helping students develop tools and experiences they needed to be successful contributors to their community. 

Katey Totten is a senior at the UO, graduating in June with a degree in planning, public policy, and management. She will be attending graduate school at the University of Tennessee, pursuing a master’s in sport and recreation management. She has been in leadership positions in a lot of different capacities, such as an operations manager and equipment issue student lead at the Student Recreation Center, as well as serving on the Rec Center's Student Advisory Board. And finally, a fun fact about Katey is that she can say the alphabet backwards!


LGBTQ Allyship and Leadership: The Power of Pronouns 

Presenter: Darian Lightfoot

Workshop Description: This workshop will be an overview of queer identities and how to best empower and support queer people in leadership roles.

Presenter Bio: Darian is a second-year master’s of public administration graduate student. She sits on the Graduate Student Advisory Board in the Graduate School as well as the Student Advisory Board in the School of Planning, Public Policy, and Management. Her undergraduate degree was communications with a concentration in leadership, and she really enjoys working with people. She loves the Rocky series, except for number five. 


Build-a-Boss: Empowering the Leaders of Tomorrow

Presenter: Dylan Land

Workshop Description: This workshop will explore the characteristics of effective leaders and their most valuable qualities. There will be group discussion around how these characteristics are manifested in leaders and how to practice and refine these characteristics in everyday life, starting today. Attendees will discuss how to become a leader now. Why start tomorrow what you can start today?

Presenter Bio: Dylan Land is a junior studying international studies and political science. He is a student of the Clark Honors College and a tutor at the Jaqua Academic Center. Dylan is passionate about empowerment through education and seeks to gain the most out of his undergraduate experience. He has held leadership positions on his high school soccer team and within different campus organizations. A fun fact about Dylan is he has been to 24 countries. 


Am I Really A Leader?: Confronting Imposter Feelings

Presenter: Mat Wilson

Workshop Description: Have you ever felt like you didn't belong in a certain role, avoided showing confidence, or downplayed your successes? Most people experience imposter feelings at some point in their life, and if left unchecked, these feelings can stifle your natural potential as a leader. In this session, participants will learn how to identify and challenge imposter feelings through increased awareness and by developing strategies to alleviate its effects. 

Presenter Bio: Mat is a graduating senior majoring in anthropology. He currently serves as an intern for the Student Life Emerging Leaders internship program. He has been involved in various leadership roles on campus since fall of 2016. One of his most enjoyable leadership involvements was as a member of the Student Orientation Staff, where he introduced new students to campus during IntroDUCKtion. A fun fact about Mat is that he was the amateur champion in his division at the 2011 Portland Scottish Highland Games. 


Workshop Descriptions, Session 3, 2:00-2:50 p.m.

Resolutions: Not Just a New Year’s Phenomenon

Presenter: Bailey Holloway

Workshop Description: This workshop is oriented around giving people the tools to maximize their time and efficiency. For those who have a hard time saying no to opportunities, those with busy schedules, or those who want to enrich their life by enhancing their planning skills—this workshop is for you. 

Presenter Bio: Bailey studies international studies and environmental studies at the UO. As a leadership programming assistant at the Holden Center, environmental impact intern for Ovenly Bakery, and the designer for a fashion she has created, leadership is a part of her daily life. She will always jump on new opportunities to lead, teach, and work with others. Her fun fact is that her toes are webbed!


Changing the System: How to be a Leader in the Climate Movement

Presenters: Selena Blick and Brendan Adamczyk

Workshop Description: During this workshop we will examine climate change through the lens of climate justice and discuss the role that large corporations play in this global event. Using research from authors like Naomi Klein and Kari Norgaard, as well as our own research and experiences, we will look at how students can integrate climate justice work into their lives and lead others in working toward a better future. We will also provide a list of resources and local organizations to aid students after they leave this workshop.

Presenter Bios: Selena graduated in 2018 from the UO Clark Honors College with a BS in environmental studies and a minor in planning, public policy, and management. During her time at the UO, she served as co-director for the Climate Justice League, chaired the Student Sustainability Network, and worked as an event coordinator for the Student Sustainability Center. Selena currently works as the office coordinator for the Holden Center for Leadership and Community Engagement. A fun fact about Selena is that she was born in Juneau, Alaska, and her family moved to Eugene to escape the rain!

Brendan is a community organizer and junior at the UO, currently majoring in environmental studies. He is the chair of the Student Sustainability Network, a support group for student leaders in organizations that support human equity, environmental vitality, and economic well-being at the UO. He is also the co-director of the Climate Justice League, a student organization that seeks to empower students to organize in their communities and be leaders in the climate justice movement through direct-action campaigns. Brendan also enjoys playing tennis and loves to read!


Emergent Strategy: An Introduction to Shaping Change with Passion and Purpose 

Presenter: Hannah White

Workshop Description: This interactive workshop will introduce participants to the adrienne maree brown Emergent Strategy. Discussion and activities will be focused on gaining an understanding, and perhaps a new perspective, on change itself. Why does it happen? How does it happen? Are we overthinking how we can impact change? Participants will leave with a refreshed outlook on how they as an individual, and as a part of a collective, can influence change in our world and re-invigorate their leadership practices.   

Presenter Bio: Hannah is currently a coordinator for leadership and community engagement in the Holden Center. She graduated from James Madison University with a BFA in fiber and material studies and received her MA from Bowling Green State University. She has served in several advising capacities to student groups and on the directorate for ACPA's Graduate Student and New Professionals Community of Practice. A core part of her leadership practice is engaging the growth and development of folxs around her and empowering them to serve and lead in a way that feels best for them. Fun fact: Hannah served as an AmeriCorps member for Project Homecoming in New Orleans and learned how to rebuild a house from top to bottom. 


Righting the Ally-ship: A Critical look at Being an Ally

Presenter: Marcus Langford

Workshop Description: In order to conduct change, and empower the leader in others, it is imperative that we have a good sense of who we are as individuals, and also be able to support others in a meaningful and authentic way. Many leaders see the value in serving as allies to those from communities that have been historically marginalized, but often have an incomplete or underdeveloped sense of what being an ally both means and looks like in practice. This session will help attendees explore the notion of ally-ship, reflect on how they currently practice ally-ship, and understand how they can be a more effective ally. 

Presenter Bio: Marcus Langford is the associate dean of students and interim director of the Holden Center for Leadership and Community Engagement. In his role as associate dean, Marcus is fortunate to work with and support a number of staff as they work to create opportunities for connection and meaningful engagement experiences for students across campus, in hopes that they will be compelled to become productive citizens of the world. Marcus believes in the value of engagement, and believes that everyone has the capacity for leadership. One of the things he enjoys most about working in higher education is the opportunity to work with and support students who are on the journey to discovering and ultimately become their best selves.


Mental Health in Leadership

Presenters: Katharine Wishnia and Arrielle Aslinger 

Workshop Description: What does mental health in leadership mean to you? This workshop explores the role that mental health plays when being a leader. Topics such as accommodations, diversity, and education will be discussed. Interactive scenarios and active discussion will be included to allow for brainstorming new ways to help improve the way we treat mental health issues as leaders. The first step to combating discrimination against those with mental health issues is by learning how to properly handle them. We hope everyone leaves the workshop with a new view on the stigma that mental health has, and how we as leaders can confront this issue.

Presenter Bios: Katharine is currently a sophomore in the Clark Honors College studying psychology and political science, with aspirations of going into law. She is the new student trustee for the UO Board of Trustees. She is also the current vice president for the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art Student Member Advocacy Council, and social media chair for the UO Student Mental Health Advocates. Katharine is a second-degree black belt in Taekwondo and also is an avid photographer.

Arielle is a fourth-year pre-med student studying biology and psychology. After graduation, she aspires to become a doctor. Her previous leadership involvement includes being the membership chair for the UO Student Mental Health Advocates. She is also very involved with her sorority, Gamma Phi Beta. A fun fact is that she used to be on club water polo and she loves to play softball.