Let’s Talk About Leadership!

Leadership Lounges are guided discussion circles for your group or organization. We offer 20 topics related to leadership, empowerment, community, sustainability, social justice, and much more. Leadership Lounge is a great way to reflect on your personal beliefs and experiences, be exposed to new perspectives, and connect with your peers.

A member of the Holden Center team will facilitate the Leadership Lounge for your group free of charge. We also offer Leadership Lounges for individuals or small groups. Leadership Lounges typically last for 45–60 minutes. Due to continued precautions being taken by the University of Oregon to prevent the spread of COVID-19, we will continue to offer leadership lounges via Zoom throughout summer 2021. As we return to campus in fall 2021, we will offer our in-person lounges, with virtual lounges via Zoom as a secondary option if needed for accessibility purposes.

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Our Leadership Lounge Topics:

Climate Change and Food Justice: With this Leadership Lounge discussion we will talk about the role of food in our lives, food and greenhouse gases, veganism, food waste, food and its relationship with humans, and so much more. The hopes of this discussion are to make participants more aware of food in our lives and how we can adapt when considering climate change.  

Conflict and Resolution: This Leadership Lounge discussion is designed to create mild situations of conflict through a simulation and then reflect afterwards Post activity discussions will focus on our initial reactions with conflict, what we do when we disagree with someone, and coming up with tangible skills to use for next time. We hope participants will understand their personal approach to conflict and what that looks like, components of conflict, and understanding emotional intelligence through a conflict resolution lens. 

Education: This conversation is aimed towards discussing various topics in education such as college and its entirety, expectations of college, study paths, student debt, paradoxes in education, and the future of education. The conversation can be adapted to what you want to receive out of the topic of education, but overall the goal is to facilitate and discuss actions people can take as well as disrupt the negative stigma that come with discussing education.

Environmental Justice: This Leadership discussion is focused around the idea of environmental leadership and how/where we see this form of leadership in our everyday lives. This includes but is not limited to discussing how race and wealth are linked to this topic, how we see the environmental movement going, how can we become more connected to the environment, and what we can do to act as an environmental leader. 

Feedback and Constructive Criticism: Feedback is essential for productive change in any organization, group  or team. This Leadership Lounge topic will distinguish the difference between feedback and constructive criticism and how we can effectively give and receive that information. We hope to shift the idea of criticism towards valuing specifically towards the individuals we lead.  

Goals and Resolutions: This discussion will be facilitated to obtain an understanding of the differences between goals and resolutions. With these ideas in mind we hope to cover how goals can be attainable, and how we can be intentional with setting goals in any of our personal settings. 

Inclusive Leadership: This Leadership Lounge discussion will centralize around the idea and importance on inclusive leadership and the raise in demand for these types of leaders. In addition to analyzing how we see and where we’ve seen inclusive leaders in our lives, we will discuss tangible ways to practice and incorporate inclusivity more every day.

Leadership in Sports: This discussion has been designed to hit on the topics of: childhood sports in terms of character and leadership; political movements in sports; and women and women of color in sports. This discussion includes a lot of self-reflection and talking about experience to understand and connect sports with leadership outside and within our everyday lives. 

Masculinity: This Leadership Lounge discussion will centralize around the idea of masculinity and how it manifests in our current American society. Through this conversation we hope to break the stereotypes and confinements that masculinity establishes and promote a more inclusive community here on campus. 

“OK Boomer” — Generational Divide: The viral topic and phrase “OK Boomer” brought attention to the immense generational divide for many individuals. This identity-based discussion will first reflect upon how generational divide shows up in our lives personally, professionally, and beyond. In addition, we hope participants will learn about the preconceptions that come with generations and ways to interrupt those ideas.

Outlook and Attitude: With this Leadership Lounge discussion we will dive into how we personally and as a society define attitude, and distinguish the difference between outlook and attitude. Keeping that in mind we will look at optimism and pessimism and more specifically: how we see this in our lives and are influenced by it, how much of each is healthy, and breaking down the qualities that we associate with those topics. 

Productivity: What is productivity and how do we feel about it? This discussion section topic will centralize around the idea of “productive behavior”, how preconceptions about productivity make us feel, and when is it easy to be productive in our lives vs. when it’s typically harder. With those subtopics in mind we will reflect on ourselves and see when this shows up at school, work, our personal lives, and emotional selves. 

Relaxation and Wellness: The objective with this Leadership Lounge topic is to help identify ways in which we experience stress and anxiety and tangible ways to combat those experiences. Not only will we discuss tactics but also discuss why relaxation and wellness should be a priority in our daily lives in regards to our mental health. 

Role Modeling: The objective of this discussion is to analyze and connect the ideas of role models and leadership. This entails personal reflection of role models in our lives and why we view them in that manner, in addition to how we can actively pursue a role model status effectively. 

Self-Care and Stress Management: This Leadership Lounge discussion is best suited for conversations aimed towards understanding what self-care looks like in our daily lives and how we can combat our stress with stress management tactics. We will analyze these two ideas to gain a deeper understanding of: 1) How can we handle stress? 2) What has a role in our lives when we experience stress? and 3) How do we make time for self-care and what does that look like? 

Social Justice: This discussion based on social justice leadership is to examine and reflect on ways that this form of leadership shows up in our everyday lives. With acknowledgment of the diverse forms of context this leadership style can fall into, the main objective is to discuss how social justice leadership is tied to equitable education and how we can become active participants and allies in our educational communities. 

Social Media Impact: Social media seems almost inevitable to come across these days. As it is so engrained in our culture, this discussion will touch base on social media and how it shows up in our everyday lives as well as discuss the mental health aspect in it too. During this discussion we hope that participants will acknowledge their social media usage and how that impacts the way we see ourselves and each other. 

Voluntourism: The goal for this discussion is to highlight and understand what voluntourism means and how it’s shown. In comparison, there will also be the discussion of what meaningful service and moving forward looks like and ensures. It will include conversational topics such as posting on social media, mandatory service, navigating our own international travel, and so much more. 

White Guilt, Fragility, and Allyship: This is a reflection-based Leadership Lounge aimed to discuss how fragility and guilt show up socially and personally on different spectrums and we use those discussions to direct our participants towards a positive change: allyship. We hope participants will openly acknowledge and learn about their privilege within that safe space and use that to cultivate active allyship into their everyday lives.

Womxn in Leadership: The hopes of this Leadership lounge discussion is to understand three components regarding womxn and leadership today: professionalism, leadership and success, and allyship in the workplace. With those topics in mind we will touch base on dream careers, imposter syndrome, competitive nature, and why allies are important.

If you would like a topic not listed, we would be happy to develop a new curriculum for your group. Email us at holdenleadership@uoregon.edu