Catalyst is a one-day leadership program (an entry point to the LeaderShape®community) that will put you on the path to start stimulating change in the world around you. The program will challenge you to become proactive in creating your own story and provoking significant change in and for yourself and for the groups, causes, and communities you care about. This experiential, interactive session is intended to generate conversations that matter through small group discussions, large group interactions, and personal reflection.  Ultimately, you will explore what it is you need to be a catalyst for positive change.

Next session: 2018-2019 Academic Year (TBD)

A Leadership Development Seminar

After attending Catalyst, you will

  • gain insight into team dynamics;
  • connect with peers committed to being strong leaders;
  • define a path for continued leadership development and practice;
  • understand the importance of being a leader in your communities; and
  • identify causes or issues that speak to your passions.

Day-In Review

During the one-day session, you will participate in large group activities to explore team dynamics, small-group discussions to reflect with your peers on your experiences, and personal reflections to find the answers to your questions. The session will pose questions like, what matters to you? What are your skills or strengths? And, what has your past taught you about your future? At the end of the day, you will leave with a clearer understanding of who you are as a leader and a roadmap to becoming an emerging leader on our campus.