Strategic Plan, Values, and Beliefs

The Holden Center strives to support the University of Oregon's teaching, research, and community service mission by providing exceptional and dynamic experiences for students. Through our strategic plan for 2013-18 we intentionally outline our objectives and initiatives to provide these experiences for students. 

The guiding values and beliefs of our department serve to inform our actions and support the core values of the Division of Student Life:

  1. Create an exceptional experience for every student.
  2. Serve as a model of equity, inclusion, and collaboration.
  3. Work to maximize effectiveness and efficiencies, prioritizing decisions using evidence-based analysis.

Multicultural Organizational Development

As a department of the Division of Student Life, the Holden Center strives to serve as a model of equity, inclusion, and collaboration. 

EQUITY: when the availability of opportunities to meet needs differently is open to all without institutional, cultural, or individual barriers preventing access

INCLUSION: a commitment to enable others to do their best work by cultivating a sense of belonging; everyone is valued, respected, and supported

COLLABORATION: intentional coming together or bringing together multiple constituents to identify and work toward a goal together

We use the concepts of Multicultural Organization Development, or MCOD as we call it (by Jackson and Hardiman), as the framework to become a model for equity, inclusion, and collaboration. It helps to guide the plan and the progress toward including and engaging everyone, as well as advocating for change that eliminates social oppression.

MCOD Representative

Rian Satterwhite currently serves as the representative for the Holden staff on the Division-level MCOD team.