Alternative Breaks are immersive service-learning experiences that occur over spring break each year. Participants travel around the country as a small cohort of 8-12 students, to work with nonprofits on service projects that meet the real-life needs of the local community. Working with a community partner will pave the way to unlocking your own potential as a leader and advocating for necessary social change. Spend your spring break establishing long-lasting friendships, expanding your self-awareness, and learning what it means to truly serve the needs of a community.

Each Alternative Break trip will be led by two experienced student site leaders and be accompanied by an education partner—a faculty or staff member of the UO. Throughout the week your team will live and work together while participating in daily reflections, including discussion of root causes and establishing a shared vision of positive social change.

2019 Trips at a Glance

Social Issue: Trail maintenance
Location: Oregon backcountry
Dates: March 23–30, 2019
Price: $250
Social Issue: Child development
Location: San Francisco, California
Dates: March 23–30, 2019
Price: $600
Social Issue: Affordable housing and social justice
Location: Selma, Alabama
Dates: March 23–30, 2019
Price: $1,500
Social Issue: Immigration and social justice
Location: Tijuana, Mexico
Dates: March 23–30, 2019
Price: $1,500

Scholarship Program

We believe you are the leader of tomorrow, and we’re not the only ones. Many generous donors have helped us create scholarships to make sure you have access to opportunities to become the best leader you can be. Cost shouldn’t be a barrier for you developing as a leader and engaging with cultures across the country and the world.

Become a Trip Site Leader

No two Alternative Breaks are the same. Our trip leaders are the foundations for every trip and bring unique perspectives and strengths to guide participants, while learning more about their own leadership styles. As a trip site leader, you will further your own leadership development through facilitating team meetings, researching and preparing materials for participants, and experiencing the trip alongside participants. You will return with marketable skills, new perspectives, and experiences that will guide your future. Think you’re up for the challenge?